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Posted by silatjim on March 6, 2018 at 6:25 PM

March 6,2018

Good day to all.  We will be starting our Phase 2 portion of the SEAGMA Assoication Program.  This will be the Following:

1. We now have up online in the Film Festival FLixs SEAGMA site.  Guru Besar Frank Den Daas introducing the Art of Pentjak Silat Pukulan Ratu Adil.  First form Pukulan Latian # 1 of 3.

2. We will be hold zoom classes on Wednesday and Thursdays.  Going over the following- Djurus 1 & 2, Pukulan Latian form #1 (20 movement that incorperate the Pukulan Serah short form Djurs).  Also Langka Tiga (male Triangle) and stick warm-up.

3. At the end of the month Guru Besar Frank Den Daas will be holding a zoom class to help adjust and correct your form and understanding of the material.  

 We will be putting up the site to log on in the following FaceBook Page PENTJAK SILAT INC. MEMBERS ONLY:

It is highly recomended you Join the Seagma channel so you can start to studie the material.

We are also working on putting up our other instructors material so you can test with them as well.  Next up is Suro Jason Inay.  He has parts of his system up ready for watching and soon he will have his teaching program up and running as well.

Thank you JIm Brown RRT,RCP, CMPA

Guru, Pentjak Silat INC.


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