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Pentjak Silat Ratu Adil

Guru Frank Den Daas

Is President of  Ratu Aduil.                                                                     Visit our history page to find articles from Bapak Rudy

Guru Frank teaches
from his home. And is available for
private lesson by appointment. If you
want to get hold of Guru Frank


             Ratu Adil USA











Anak Serak

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Here is what is taught in the program. This is a great foundation for sera (h)(k). You also will learn the triangle, diamond and square footwork patterns which is the foundation of the langkas. Once mastered you are allowed to learn the 18 djurus.




Concepts Taught:

Dragon Stance 1 through 16

Tiger Stance 1 through 16

Basic Bersenjata (weapon warm-up)

Advance from Dragon

Advance from Tiger

Retreat from Dragon

Retreat from Tiger

Three -Step advance and retreat linear

Four corner Three Step

Defense solutions for number 1

Defense solutions for number 2

Defense solutions for number 3

Defense solutions for number 4

Defense solutions for number 5 & 6

Defense for number 7 & 8

Double Stick patterns 1 – 8

Basic Double Stick Twirl

Fanning Drills

Striking Drills with check hand for 1, 2 & 5, 6 against target

Defense solutions against 9 & 10

Defense solutions against 11 & 12

Defense solutions against 13 & 14

Defense solutions against 15 & 16

Two step, pivot attack and defense drill


Fan and umbrella drill against 1 & 2 strike

Meet Follow 165210 drill

Introduction of Diamond pattern

Application of Diamond pattern and retreat step

Introduction of Dagger

Defense against Dagger

Advance from Dragon (Replace Step)

Advance from Tiger (Replace Step)

Parry, Check, Strike

Elbow Strike Drill

Knee Strike Drill

Kuda, Frog and Rabbit hops

Ground V, P, S, X Crab and Shrimp maneuvers

Lady step front, rear, advance, retreat

Four step drill Linear

Four step drill on the Square & X

Counter for Counter flow drills

Counter for Counter 1 – 16

Counter for Counter random

Counter the Counter

Attack the Counter

Advancing Attack